Skin Care

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Skin care is the basis of a beautiful look, whatever make-up you add, the base layer, your skin, needs to be at it's best.

Good skin care is important every day, but when you have an occassion in mind, or your wedding, we can walk you through clenses and treatments that increase your natural radiance and help to achieve that flawless look when the make-up is applied.

In our consultation sessions we analyse your skin, we help you to ascertain the type of skin you have, any areas which may need specific attention and from there we work out the best selection of products and techniques for you.

Having worked in the skin care sector for many years, we only reccommend the best products, not the most expenive, the ones that actually help your skin and not those that merely give the appearance of improvement.

Skin consultation sessions last for approximately 45 minutes; while advice is given and products shown, no products are sold.