Festival Glam


Festivals are about fun and extravagance and the make up has to reflect that; the festival look is bright colours, sparkles, shimmer and all about the music.

As with all of our packages, we start with communication, a chat to go over what the desired effect is.  We ask for pictures of similar make up to get an idea of what is wanted, as well as pictures of the client and then we have a good conversation to talk about what can be done, what colouring will and wont work and together we craft the idea of the final look.

On the day we come to you and work towards our plan, adapting and changing it as we go, to make sure it's what you want, but also, what suits you and what works for you.

We only use premium products, the look has to be good and last all evening.

The Festival Package is £50, in your home, plus £5 for lashes and £5 for face gems, however, if parties of 4 or more book then a group discount applies at £40 per person for make-up.

(Please note that approximately 60 minutes is required for each client, so please keep this in mind when organising the day)

Pretty Faced You works in conjunction with Sarah Rose Digital Photography (@sarahrosedigital), should you wish for professional shots to be taken once you're ready and looking amazing.  Prices confirmed upon request